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    Ready for ambitious goals – especially when they promote sustainability

  • REMONDIS in Turkey – this is so much more than a business simply carrying out recycling, service and water activities across the country. It is a business that actively contributes towards promoting sustainable development each and every day.


    • Total Waste Management

      Due to the diversity of waste types, industrial facilities need a wide variety of waste management services, which oblige them to work with different companies.  At REMONDIS, we provide you with a one-stop solution offering a wide range of services to meet all your needs concerning waste and environmental issues.

      From the collection of the waste from production lines to the operation of your waste area, all your waste management needs are met under the responsibility of REMONDIS, with appropriate machinery and equipment investments and personnel allocation.

      Specializing in recycling and disposal, REMONDIS can offer a solution for every kind of waste.

      Waste Area Management

      Waste sorting and waste area management for production facilities require expertise.

      We serve turnkey factory waste area construction and management services under REMONDIS' international guarantee.

      From designing a waste area to managing the wastes that are -or may be- produced by your production processes, we offer all-around solutions for your plants.

      Specializing in waste management services from A to Z, REMONDIS can build a waste area following the legislation by determining the necessary machinery and equipment including containers, presses, compactors, forklifts, transport boxes, etc. as well as the personnel profile depending on your needs and resources.

      Internal Waste Collection

      Collection and separation of wastes at the source, beginning from production lines, is a process that requires expertise. In this field, which should be managed separately from site cleaning and arrangement services, we increase the rate of participation in recycling by collecting wastes separately  from the source with the help of our expert staffs and modern equipments.

      Going further, we also offer waste-reduction services such as tracking the wastage from raw materials and monitoring production wastes.

      Staff Providing

      In addition to their main activities, businesses need support services such as cleaning, tea service, raw material unpacking, waste area management, etc. Following your needs and requirements, we can always support you with experienced and professionally qualified personnels.

      Machinery and Equipment Rentals

      We provide all means of transportation as well as equipment such as containers, presses, compactors, etc. you may need as part of the waste management process.

      The selection of equipment suitable for the amount and types of waste is critical in the supply of machinery and equipment. Thanks to our international experience in this field and our many years of experience in the sector, we can identify your needs correctly, preventing any inaccurate and unnecessary expenditure.

      Hazardous Waste Transportation

      Hazardous waste is defined as a type of waste that poses a risk to human health or the environment due to its carcinogenic, toxic, explosive, flammable, corrosive, irritating, etc. properties.

      Under the environmental legislation published by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, hazardous wastes must be transported to licensed facilities by companies that hold the necessary transport license.

      REMONDIS picks up your waste with our licensed vehicles and delivers it to reliable disposal or recovery points, thus managing your hazardous waste from a single source.

      Disposal Services

      With our big vehicle fleet, we collect your non-recyclable wastes from your site and deliver them to licensed disposal points for reliable final disposal.

      Industrial Waste Transportation

      Non-hazardous wastes that cannot be recycled should be disposed  or recovered. Using different technologies, REMONDIS ensures that such waste is recovered back into the energy cycle.

      With our purpose-fit equipment and vehicles in line with international standards, we service one-stop industrial waste transport  for collecting and transporting such waste.

      Pallet Repair

      If you have damaged pallets, which appear to have completed their service life, we can repair them on your site and help them to return to the pallet usage cycle.

      This will not only help your business save from the cost of new pallets but also make your damaged pallets usable again.

      All equipment, personnel, consumables, etc. needed for such pallet repair services are covered by our company.

      Archive Destruction

      Legal regulations require many institutions and organizations to keep their documents for certain periods. Expired documents must be destroyed in such a way that the information contained in them cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. Such documents are destroyed by our expert teams in the presence of inspectors. After completing our destruction process, we provide you a destruction report supported by visual information and documents.

      Product Destruction

      Excess stock, faulty products removed from the production line, and obsolete raw materials must be destroyed to avoid enter the market.

      Guaranteed with REMONDIS’ reliability and quality, we can destroy all such products smoothly.  We carry out the destruction process under the supervision of an auditor, and maintain visual records and documents, making the entire process reliable and transparent for you.

      Digital Waste Monitoring

      We collect all the wastes that comes from your production lines and separate them at the source as part of our internal collection service. At the same time, we monitor your waste output online on a shift or machine/operator basis through instant weighing using our Microsoft-based software system.

      This is a special solution we have developed to reduce raw material wastage during your production, you can instantly monitor your waste output processes.

      With this dedicated software, you can create instant reports based on shift, work order, operator, waste type, and weight, and track your production wastage in detail.

      Thanks to IT-based digital waste monitoring solutions, waste reduction applications are provided and supported right at the production phase with REMONDIS' international experience.


    • Packaging Waste Recycling

      Many of the products we use in daily life are packaged for purposes such as protection, transport, and storage. There is a wide range of packages including cargo packages, glass and plastic bottles for food, metal packages, etc.

      All such packages are separated at source and evaluated for recycling according to their types before being converted back into raw materials, finished products, or semi-finished products.

      At REMONDIS, we help for recycling your packaging waste, contributing to economic sustainability.

      Metal Waste Recycling

      We recycle metal wastes generated in the production processes of industrial plants where metals are used as raw materials.

      We collect your metal wastes from the resources and send iron and steel factories, foundries, etc. right where they are produced and help precious metals return to the production cycle in domestic or foreign recycling facilities.

      Plastic Waste Recycling

      We see both disposable and durable plastic products almost everywhere in our daily lives. With the increased use of disposable plastics, plastic recycling is becoming more and more important every day.

      All your plastic wastes, especially production waste plastics generated in your manufacturing plants, are separated and extruded according to their types (PE, PP, PET, PVC, etc.) before being granulated or crushed for eventual recycling.

      At REMONDIS, we evaluate recycle all your plastic wastes.

      Glass Recycling

      Glass is a product obtained from the processing of sand, soda, and lime at temperatures as high as 1500 degrees Celsius. Glass products that have completed their useful life are separated according to their colors before being broken and crushed, and then  melted again for recycling into raw material. Glass wastes can go through this recycling process infinitely.

      Thanks to our many years of international experience, we collect, transport, and recycle your glass wastes in the most reliable way.

      Paper Waste Recycling

      Paper, which is basically made of wood, is the raw material for many important products we use in our daily life such as newspapers, magazines, napkins, books, etc. Almost all types of paper can be recycled, and there are a variety of recycling methods that use different technologies – all of which prevent the cutting of trees.

      Paper waste can be high volummed and may require extra effort to manage.

      At REMONDIS, we collect your paper wastes at its current value using purpose-fit equipment and recycle it.

      Wood Waste Recycling

      Wood materials obtained from trees include household goods, packaging for transport and protection, building materials, furniture, etc. which we see frequently in daily life.

      We collect all your wood wastes right from your manufacturing facility and recycle them to make pallets, chipboard, sawdust, or pellets.

      Our team of experienced experts will help you economically recover and recycle your wood waste.


    Water comes from sources deep underground or from REMONDIS. Water management is all about trust, and REMONDIS WATER is all about water management.

    When it comes to high-quality water, REMONDIS WATER is one of the leading specialists in its field, from trailblazing water supply systems and meticulous wastewater treatment processes to the construction or operation of water plants. Working with REMONDIS WATER means having a partner whose experience and know-how you can rely on.

    We never compromise on quality

    From supplying top quality drinking water to households as well as process water to industrial enterprises to treating wastewater and recycling sludge and other waste materials, REMONDIS has the know-how to create perfect water management systems.

    Drinking Water Supply

    We have been supplying high quality water for more than 30 years. Our reliable, cost-effective and sustainable systems, which are also designed to protect the planet’s natural resources, are widely acclaimed among households, municipalities, water utilities and companies.

    • Treatment of surface and groundwater
    • Operation, renewal and upgrading of water networks
    • Operating 8,400 km network of drinking water
    • Treating of 115 million m3 of drinking water every year

    Industrial Water Management

    Many companies entrust the operation of their water treatment systems to us. Why? It is because we offer effective and tailor-made solutions as well as a comprehensive range of services worldwide - from planning, construction and operation to the financing of plants and facilities.

    • Water purification and ultra-pure water
    • Treatment of wastewater from production processes and recovery of recyclable materials
    • Managing material flows and converting biogas into electricity: 1.3 m tonnes of sewage sludge can replace 100,000 tonnes of coal and reduce carbon emissions by 180,000 tonnes.


    Clean water is a very valuable resource, which is why we invest all our know-how and energy in wastewater treatment. We also recover and utilise the potential, the energy as well as the raw materials –such as the phosphorus– hidden in wastewater.

    Our Services:

    • Management, renewal and maintenance of sewerage pipes
    • Operating 6,900 km sewerage network
    • Wastewater treatment: Facility planning, construction and operation
    • Treatment of 370 million m3 of wastewater every year
    • Operating 180 waste water treatment plants and 1403 pumping stations

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